The School aims at making young boys and girls citizens. Also it imparts a broad based education so as to enable them to become worthy and dynamic leaders and make useful contribution to a changing and technologically advancing world, to develop the physical, intellectual,cultural and spiritual aspect of the child’s personal practical skills.The school believes in transcending the young genius to the core of the capacities.

The school emphasize on ethical and moral training of student in order to develop in them the sense of initiative and responsibility, to teach them the value of social service, self-reliance, self discipline, regularity, cleanliness, politeness, respect for others, sportsman spirit etc.we aim at bringing out disciplined student. The school believes in transcending the young genius to the core of the capacities.The felicitation took place at the EDUCATION WORLD INDIA SCHOOL RANKINGS AWARDS Nite 2015 at Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, on September 26th 2015.

Problems are many but where are the solutions ? Every one of us is surrounded by problems because when things do not go according to our wish , we give them the name of ‘Problem’ . But why do we always want that everything should go according to how we want ? The result of all these problems is complaints. We start complaining and forget to appreciate the goodness around us. Surrounded by all the problems and complaints , we cannot see the solutions which are always around us and are very simple. The only thing we need to remind ourselves when we face problems is that ” Everything can be done in a better way “. If we try to do things in a better way then we won’t face any problems. So let us find a better way to do the things and stop complaining. This will give us time to notice the goodness around us.

Students at VPS are motivated to develop leadership skills and a thorough understanding of interdependence. Special emphasis is placed on the need to serve others while actively contributing to the school community and society as a whole.We would be pleased to welcome you to Vatsalya Public School. We are delighted to be involved in the education of your child and to foster in her/him the values; we value and seek for our departing Vatsalyans.

With a desire to create such a school which will teach its children not only to excel in the field of academics but to succeed and excel in every walk of life , Mr. Pradeep Ganediwal,M.D. Mid India Industries Limited and Dr. Ashok Shukla, renowned physician of Mandsaur, have embarked upon the project of Vatsalya Public School, a co-education English Medium school.The school aims at preparing the children to face the challenges of the Modern world.